Blog Revamp!

Hey Everybody!

In case you haven’t noticed, this blog has been badly neglected for awhile.  Kory asked me to get it going again, so that’s what’s happening.  This will be a place for reflections and thoughts on different events that occur throughout the year as well as inspirational, Biblical, and Christian living posts.  Also, I like pictures so we’ll get those up too.  Since I don’t go to all the events and everything, I’ll be contacting CEF participants concerning the blog, so I hope you’ll help me get some great and interesting posts going.

Anyways, to start things off, I’ll introduce myself.  My name’s Anna and I’m the new administrative assistant for CEF, in case you haven’t met me yet.  I’m a soph/junior at MSU, majoring in Dietetics and minoring in Horticulture which means I pretty much LOVE food.  I’m a full blood dutchgirl and a Yooper to the core.  I love enjoying God’s amazing creation whether its hiking, backpacking, X-country skiing, kayaking, etc.  I love running and swimming too, especially in Lake Superior. I like it cold so this unseasonably warm stuff and this crazy hot summer drives me crazy.  Besides the outdoors, I love baking, cooking, knitting, playing piano and games (any Pinochle or Catan anyone?), and cats.  I CANNOT wait to have my own cat.  My friends liken me to that YouTube video cat lady from eHarmony.  If you’ve seen it you know who I mean and if you haven’t, its worth the watch.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break. I did and have to share the neatest thing that happened. I saw a snowy white owl on Christmas Eve when we were sledding in the local cemetery (and yes, I’ve done a lot of recreational things in cemeteries). Now when I see a moose, then my life will be complete.

Well, that’s the important stuff about me I guess.  I look forward getting to know you and more about CEF.  And please help me get this blog interesting when I ask for thoughts on events and such.

Thanks and God bless!!


Romans 15:5-6

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