Wednesday Nights~Studying John

The Wednesday night Bible study has been focused on exploring the study of John. Though the group is small, it hasn’t limited the depth of discussion. We have addressed and questioned the issues/topics of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, witnessing, God’s call and purpose to us as Christ followers…just to name a few. I have been incredibly blessed by the conversations and discussions that have come up in the study. This group is willing to be vulnerable with one another as we lay out our questions and concerns, and do our best to give insight into tough theological debates in which there are no clear answers. It’s become a comfortable environment to express ideas we all have about what the Trinity means to us, what we think of the Holy Spirit, and how we encounter the Spirit in our own lives. One thing that has been particularly helpful in this study, is the willingness of the group members to dive into and explore the areas in which our views conflict. I have encountered viewpoints different from my own, yet equally as valuable. I have learned just as much from the group members, as I have from the text itself. This Bible study has been an amazing investment because it has become a community of friends that get together to ask our tough questions, dig into text from different viewpoints, and explore our role as Christ followers.

~Erin Laarman

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