Caring for one of our/their own

During my first week here visiting Campus Edge, I heard that one of the students in the group had to undergo emergency surgery. It didn’t quite feel like it was my role or place to do a pastoral visit already, yet how could I not reach out and care for this student if I could? After all, being able to step in where I might be needed is kind of how I’ve come to understood my role in this in-between time, in my almost-but-not-yet-being-a-pastor time.

In the midst of my wondering what to do, the answer came. It came in random conversations that I overheard when I was with the grad students. This is what I heard:
‘what had you brought?’ ‘flowers and chocolate.’
‘Oh, and we visited yesterday.’
‘I’ll be bringing dinner on Friday, is that good? I have the day off.’

Around me, without my having done anything, or even having been aware of the need within the group, people had been arranging and helping, reaching out to this student. This kind of care for each other makes me really happy – not simply because it helps me relativize how necessary I was for the care in the group, but more so because I’m thankful to see how this community cares for each other.

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