More prayers

As the semester continues, the following are some prayer requests related to Campus Edge for which we’d appreciate your prayers:

  • wisdom about what’s next and how to do that well
  • visa/work stuff for me (Brenda)
  • an inconvenient knee injury – for health and that it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle;
  • manageable stress levels and wisdom on a thesis project which makes the difference between getting a PhD or a terminal master’s degree
  • peace and strength with regards to a student’s car accident where thankfully no one was injured but which has brought with it the havoc that comes as an aftermath of totalling a car while also just trying to keep up with normal stresses and challenges of grad life.
  • the ability to make contacts for reaching out to more international students (with River Terrace Church)
  • strength, courage and balance while facing the busy-ness, stress and pressures of academic life: for grad students, as well as faculty, and all those supporting them.

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