A different kind of Fasting

In our Saturday night gatherings, we’ve been focusing a bit more on Lent (Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter). Fasting is a common practice during Lent in a number of churches. More and more Christians are choosing to give up something for Lent, as might have been obvious from Facebook the week of Ash Wednesday when Lent began.

Isaiah 58 talks about a different kind of fasting – different from the kind where you put ashes on your head or walk around looking special because you’re giving up something. Instead, it talks about losing the bonds of injustice, sharing bread with the hungry, bringing the homeless into your house (Isa 58:6-7).

With the hope of turning ourselves towards God and learning new, better patterns, it seems good not simply to give up something for Lent, but to learn to fast differently. So we’re starting this Lent to figure out how we as a group and individually can volunteer in (East) Lansing: e.g., in a hospice or homeless shelter.

If you’d like to join us, please write a comment in the comment section, tweet us (@campusedgemsu) or email us at info@campusedgemsu.com

With thanks to the Saturday night Bible Study group for their initiative on this, Mike especially.

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