Not the Christian Evolution group

Earlier posts have talked about making space for and validating the Christian belief of those who’d argue that evolution is how God formed the world. It feels like there is a need for that kind of space and groups which allow one to believe that way.

Focusing on how Christianity and science are not against each other, even with evolution, is also something that Campus Edge has been developing with their talks on science and faith these last few years.

At the same time, I hope we at Campus Edge never become “the Christian evolution group”. There is so much more to being a Christian academic than evolution, even if you’re a biologist! Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned before, evolution and creation are not necessarily issues to many graduate students, so they should hardly be what defines us as a group.

On top of this, I also believe that advocating too strongly for the validity of evolution is also problematic for Christians. Doing so ignores the fact that intelligent and sincere Christians can and do believe that evolution is not a part of how God formed the earth. Such a claim about creation puts a focus on mystery and faith that those advocating for evolution sometimes miss out on. On top of this, advocating for evolution as being the Christian position ignores how evolution has not always been (and is still not always) that good in giving room to Christian beliefs.

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