Prayers for the end of the Semester

This is the last week of classes at MSU. Your prayers are requested for all those faced with the stress and challenges related to the end of semester.

Pray for those finishing up projects and papers – that there might be enough energy, creativity and enthusiasm to do it well (and that reading and grading such papers/projects is not difficult a burden).

Pray especially for those writing and grading exams – that it might be a witness to how much that the students have learned, that those grading might do so fairly, and that all might be encouraged by how much has been learned.

Pray also for those going home for the summer or moving on for good – that they might have a place where they might both be able to rest and to flourish (i.e., use their learning and gifts well!).

Across the United States and Canada many other universities are also ending their semesters, and your prayers are also requested for them. The community around the University of Calgary especially needs your prayers as they are mourning and working through last week’s tragic stabbing of five young adults/students.

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