Talking about sex

Talking about sex is one of those things that happens a lot at youth group retreats and even amidst the Christian culture of universities. One would thus think there has been more than enough said about the topic.

Yet, what is primarily being proclaimed as the Christian view of sex is that good (Christian) folk don’t (have sex) until they’re married, and then sex should be great. Although there is a lot of truth and good in this view, it does not fully speak to the reality of a 27 year-old who is still single nor that of a young married whose relationship/marriage is being threatened by the all-consuming demands of grad school.

Furthermore, the above Christian view of sex seems to have little appeal to those who are less good and less Christian. Since (grad) students are surrounded by those immersed in a culture where the good news of sex seems to be its freedom and one’s own personal pleasure, it seems hard to believe that others around us might find that the Christian view of sex (often seen as puritanical and backwards) might present any good news.

I believe we as Christians  need to talk together about what the real good news about sexuality and intimacy for each of us now is, and from there we might begin to see how the gospel really proclaims good news about sex, singleness, and intimacy for all folks.

I encourage you to join us in wondering about what the good news is for young adults in today’s culture. These two articles passed on by Paul Vanderklay might be a help as you start thinking about this:

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