Evolution or Creation?

This Saturday, a creationist group is presenting a summit at Michigan State. They are presenting arguments for a young earth, as evidence that God created the earth. Those presenting believe that “Once students realize they’re created beings, and not the product of natural selection, they’re much more open to the Gospel, to the message of God’s love & forgiveness.” [taken from Science Insider, “Creationism conference at large U.S. research university creates unease”].

I respectfully disagree. However, it’s not because I don’t believe that we are created in God’s image nor that this belief influences my Christian faith.

Instead, it’s because I believe that what scientists have discovered about the universe needs to be taken seriously, even if it challenges how I read the Bible. I believe, after all, that God reveals himself both through special revelation (the Bible) AND general revelation (nature). Exactly how the world came into being is something no one has been able to prove exactly, but believing that the evidence points to the big bang and natural selection does not make one anti-Christian. In fact, it is arguing that belief in evolution is contrary to Christian faith (as this creationist group does) that is more likely to turn folks away from Christianity, as Christianity is seen as being anti-academic and, even worse, one might feel forced to choose between science or faith.

I believe we, as Christians, need to show how science and faith can relate well. I don’t think this can happen through trying to provide the absolute right answers. It is, instead, through listening and dialoguing well. Deborah Haarsma, in her article ‘Ken Ham, We need a better conversation,” illustrates that well. At Campus Edge Fellowship, we also try to do that.

Join us this Saturday evening (dinner at 6pm, discussion to follow) as we try to listen well to each other as we discuss these difficult issues and why they matter so much to our faith.

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