Helpful resources for talking about creation or evolution

There are many helpful resources for talking about creation or evolution. Several years ago, Campus Edge hosted Gerald Gabrielse to talk about science and faith. A recent video of his, “God decides, we measure,” presents his perspective about how faith and science relate. At a certain point in the video, he advocates that evolution seems to fit better with the evidence he has seen, both in nature and in the Bible. At the same time, he clearly acknowledges that Christians can also believe that the world was created in 6 literal days.

The Colossian Forum has presented some of the issues involved in the debate, trying not to advocate for one side or the other. Instead, they desire to help Christians realize that our being Christian is more important than what we might believe about creation or evolution.

A well-written article about why someone might believe that one ought to read Genesis literally (and thus believe in a young earth) can be found at The Banner, the journal of the Christian Reformed Church: “Speaking of Jurassic Ark.” In the same journal issue, the argument is made that one need not fear scientific evidence and the possibility of evolution: “We Need not Fear the Dinosaur.

I don’t have the answers to how the world came into being. I do, however, believe that we as Christians ought to spend less time arguing about who is right regarding evolution and creation. Instead, we would do well to listen humbly to each other, as both sides have raised valid concerns about how the other presents God, nature, and faith.