Graduate Students at Risk

A recent article notes that depression is common on university campuses. The sub-title is that graduate students are more at risk.

The article notes that “A recent report from the University of California, found 47% of doctoral students and 37% of master’s degree students, who were surveyed, to be depressed. Furthermore, 64% of graduate students in arts and humanities showed higher levels of depression and suicidal thoughts. Based on the university’s enrollment data from 2013, we can estimate 2,800 of the 6,000 PhD students to be clinically depressed.”

Furthermore, another study showed that “12% of the students we stopped, were experiencing depression serious enough to need intervention.” These individuals received counselling about suicide prevention.

The article continues to give more statistics, as well as giving reasons for the difficulties: “The most common risk factors, as reported by researchers at the University of Michigan, for depression in graduate students include financial concerns, post-graduate job prospects, isolation and lack of social support.”

Campus Edge (and other ministries, like InterVarsity) desire to bring the good news in the midst of the difficult environment faced by graduate students (and others at the university). We proclaim a message of hope and strive to be communities that support and encourage each other. In this way, the gospel becomes tangible.