Faith Shifting: Rebuilding Faith

The last aspect of faith shifting that Kathy Escobar talks about is rebuilding faith. She notes that “Some enter Rebuilding after Unraveling, others after Severing.  It looks so different for everyone, and everyone’s timing is unique. It’s a tender and vulnerable time where we start to want to engage with God in new ways and begin to rebuild after deconstructing and seek out greater freedom, mystery, and diversity in our faith.”

Escobar explains it more fully on her website. One interesting aspect is that the core values change: “We want a more integrated faith experience guided by freedom, mystery, and diversity.”

She points out that few resources exist that talk about what rebuilding one’s faith might look like – or even how (and when) to begin. In this way, her book is very helpful, as a third of the book focuses on rebuilding.

Escobar’s book is a blessing in that it gives language to help people understand the experience of faith shifting (and unraveling and/or returning). Furthermore, her book and website are a gift for helping people through the process of a shifting faith, including making space for re-finding and re-building faith.