A prayer for the beginning of the school year

Carmen Imes, at Scholar’s Compass, has written a wonderful prayer for scholars. As it is fitting for the beginning of the school year, I’m including part of it here:

Lord, I offer thanks for the privilege of learning —
For the time, the mental acuity, and the resources at my disposal.
Thank you for the delight of discovery.

Give me sober judgment,
sound reasoning,
and clarity of expression.
Let me love the truth
more than I love what I have thought or said or written.
Grant me the courage to confront falsehood, even in myself,
to defend an unpopular position,
or to surrender a cherished opinion found wanting.

Above all, may my work bring you glory.
May it inspire others to worship
the God who is the source of all goodness
and beauty
and perfection.

For the glory of your Name,

Please do visit the Scholar’s Compass site to read/pray the full version of her prayer.