Spring Update from Pastor Brenda

Spring semester has been busy but good. We’ve been trying new things, like re-starting a pub theology group, having folks from RTC join us on a study on origins, and working with RTC to host an MSU faculty and staff lunch. This has created more opportunities for thinking more deeply about faith, especially in the context of the university. We also were more active in organizing social events in the fall, as part of desiring to create more opportunities for fellowship and support.

More than 25 people actively participate in CEF’s studies, plus 15-20 others who attend periodically. We continue to have a significant number of graduate students in the sciences, recently drawing in a couple of new folks in integrative biology and physics. Along with the veterinary medicine students who joined us last year, we now have a number of medical students participating. Even as much as this high science population reflects the population at MSU, we are thankful that we also have a number of folks in humanities, like business and music, to keep the discussions and the group itself slightly more balanced. I am deeply thankful for all those who participate, as their insights have both challenged me and contributed to deep conversations. It has been a joy to walk alongside of them as they explore faith and deal with the challenges inherent to graduate school and this phase of life.

Read more of this blog to hear more about some of the things that we have discussed and learned, along with the questions that still remain.