Continuing the work already started: a note from the Board President

When I ask fellow graduate students about their favorite parts of being in graduate school, a recurring response is the opportunities they have to push the boundaries of what is known, those moments when they realize they are in uncharted territory as they study and discover completely new things. When I think about these moments, I am constantly reminded of the many researchers that have laid the foundation before us, who pushed the boundaries of what was known and, in the process, made it possible for us to move forward, try new things, and make even more progress.

As I look at all the work that has been happening at Campus Edge Fellowship (CEF), I am left with a similar sentiment. CEF has been ministering to the graduate students and academic community at Michigan State University for over 6 years now, and the foundation laid in this process took much effort by those who entered into somewhat uncharted territory. Most recently, this work has been done by our board members who have recently finished terms (Mike Bennett, Will Demeré, Karin Polischuk, Rob Tempelman, Jeff Triezenberg, and Elizabeth Young), and we are grateful for their work.

As we look forward and ask “what’s next?” for CEF, we also get to experience the excitement of moving into new territory, trying things that CEF has not tried before, reimagining what ministry at CEF should look like, and trying to figure out how to make this process sustainable. This past year CEF has continued the work already started in a number of exciting ways: rearticulating the purpose of CEF and the needs of Michigan State University’s academic community as we revised the CEF mission statement, thinking big about how to best fulfill that mission as we cast a 5 year vision for CEF, and taking the first steps to realize that vision as we developed a one year strategic plan.

As we continue the work and ministry of CEF to the graduate student and academic community at Michigan State University, we are grateful for those that have gone before us and excited as we engage new ideas and territory. As has been the case since the very beginning of CEF’s ministry, we are extremely thankful for all of you that have supported us in this process, and who allow CEF to continue its ministry through you continued prayers, service, and financial support. We hope that together we can continue to make CEF a place of fellowship and growth.

– Jake Baker, Board President, on behalf of the CEF board: Jeff Biddle, Marcie Durso, Kristin Hintz, Sarah Mange, Jim Nicholas, and Eric Walcott