Fellowship, support and solidarity

CEF’s mission is to provide fellowship, support and solidarity for the graduate students and professional academics at MSU. The statistics illustrate the challenges faced. Medical students have a 15-30% higher depression rate than average. PhD students, especially in humanities, have a 50% rate of depression; the psychological cost of a PhD is very high. Law students are suffering from a higher level of debt and stress.

These numbers are verified by those who are connected to Campus Edge. Some of those participating have acknowledged how much isolation, depression, anxiety, and more have overwhelmed them on their journey to get their degree. Numerous times veterinary medicine students have brought up the challenge of compassion fatigue and how hard they expect it will be to care for both the animals they love and the people who care for them (sometimes poorly). A professor noted the expectations put on them to mentor and support students, even providing emotional support, yet they do not always receive that same support themselves.

By God’s grace, Campus Edge helps provide a means for people to feel supported in the midst of their challenges, as well as recognize that they are not alone in the journey.