The Au Sable Fellows

Determining how faith relates to science (and vice versa) is an important part of the intellectual inquiry that we strive to do here at Campus Edge. As the Au Sable Institute does a great job of asking how faith and environmental stewardship relate, Campus Edge definitely encourages anyone interested in environmental stewardship to connect with them. They offer a fellowship for graduate students as a “way for graduate students interested in Christian environmental stewardship to connect with peers within their home university and across other major research universities.”

Sarah Bodbyl, one of the leaders at Campus Edge, coordinates the Au Sable fellows at Michigan State. She’s  written up a description of their yearly retreat. A short quote from her description will hopefully entice you to contact her about potentially getting involved:

For graduate fellows, the conference is an opportunity to both build relationships and networks among academics from many major universities with similar interests and also refresh, worship, and reframe with a break from graduate student ‘life and business as usual’. Visiting the ‘fingertips’ of the Michigan mitten in the dead of winter creates a vision of snowscapes – and the Au Sable campus did not disappoint, despite the strong El Niño year. Fellows enthusiastically participated in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hikes around the frozen lakes, and broomball as critical ‘retreat’ aspects of the conference agenda.