Ministering to grad students with families?

One of the challenges of Campus Edge is that we’re not so good at ministering to grad students with families. This has partly to do with the timing of our meetings, our lack of child care options, and the limited time many parents have.

A recent article at the Well made me wonder, though, if we’re missing something – not in the sense of ‘this group needs to be ministered to’ but in the sense that this group of people has a perspective on life and grad school that would be refreshing for others to hear.

Beth Bruno, in “Going Back to Grad School as a Mother,” writes

Grad school gave me life. It awakened in me passions God has given me to offer the world. It made me a more interesting, more engaged mother. It infused curiosity and healthy debate into my marriage. It reawakened my love for God. Grad school set me on a new vocational journey, but it did far more — it revived my soul.

Perhaps for now the best way Campus Edge can minister to parents is to pray – and to remind others to pray. So please join in me praying for grad students who are also parents – that they would find ways to connect with God, be good parents, and delight in what they are learning.

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