Book Review: The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories we Believe about Ourselves

The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories we Believe about Ourselves, Curt Thompson
Author Curt Thompson, M.D., offers an integrated approach to understanding shame through the lens of his psychiatry background and Biblical perspective. His premise throughout the book is “shame is the emotional weapon that evil uses to (1) corrupt our relationships with God and each other, and (2) disintegrate any and all gifts of vocational vision and creativity” (p. 13). He notes how shame targets the mind and can become a large part or all of the story that people live. Some of the remedies that the author proposes in the second half of the book are the following: vulnerability, accountability, and community.
Perhaps the most hopeful portion of the book for me was the author’s encouragement to “tell a new story, a story of hope and creativity, one that scorns shame in order to imagine new minds, new possibilities and new narratives, all of which point to the new heaven and earth that we believe Jesus is surely bringing” (p. 186).

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