Spring report from the board president

As another semester has come to a close, we on the Campus Edge board can reflect once again on the good work that Campus Edge Fellowship is doing for graduate and professional students studying at MSU, and the items in the recent Newsletter and this blog provide some insight into what that work has involved. You will see that this past semester’s CEF Bible studies included an exploration of the book of Ezekiel and its seemingly strange stories, and purposeful confrontations with some of the more difficult and Faith-challenging questions raised by the Bible and Christianity. In choosing these topics, Brenda has continued her practice of providing the students who participate in Campus Edge with the sort of intellectual challenge and opportunity for robust discussion that they enjoy, and that provide what for some of them is the most effective path to a deeper faith.

The Board has also been excited about and busy preparing for the Annual Campus Edge Celebration, to be held at the University Club on June 5th. The event will feature a dinner followed by a piano recital graciously provided by Derek Polischuk. We eagerly encourage all past and future supporters of Campus Edge Fellowship to join us there. It should be a fun event, and an excellent way to celebrate the great work that God has done this year through Brenda and Campus Edge.

-Jeff Biddle, Campus Edge Fellowship Board President

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