Poetry from the Science Lab

Kjersten, who has been participating in Campus Edge this last while, recently wrote a poem related to science in the lab. She notes:

what a strange environment a science lab is.  It’s not the environment of the stereotypical “mad scientist”, it’s just a work environment with a lot of sterile equipment and chemicals. But the work done in the lab is still peculiar; all these little tasks to understand minute details of the universe.  There’s something incredible about understanding the universe in great detail, but also, at least for me, something unbelievable.


The poem begins as follows:

I work with the unknown,

this sounds adventurous,

the cluttered blacktop benches

with bottles of strange clear, yellow, orange liquid

could be a choose-your-own-adventure-story.

Will this liquid cause physical harm?

Probably not.

Probably shouldn’t try though.

Go to her website to read the full poem (and others that she has written).



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