The following are our working guidelines for meeting in-person for Campus Edge events in light of health concerns related to Covid-19.

  1. If you are sick, have had a fever in the past week (or any other covid-19 symptoms), have recently been exposed to someone with covid-19, or just generally do not feel well, please stay home. 
  2.  Please maintain 6 feet distance (from anyone with whom you do not live) throughout our time together (both inside and outside). Be especially careful as you move around. Chairs should be placed 6 feet apart (feel free to bring your own).
  3. Masks are required if you enter the house; masks are welcome but not necessary outside (unless it is not possible to keep 6 feet apart). Extra masks are available on the kitchen table (put used masks into the laundry basket by the front door when you leave).
  4. You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle.
  5. If food or drinks are served, they should be prepared by a store or prepared by someone who has carefully washed their hands/utensils and been masked while preparing, cooking, and transporting uncovered food. Food should be covered or prepackaged when possible. Everyone must wear a mask near food or dishes that others might eat, use, or touch, as well as washing (or sanitizing) their hands. Ideally food would be served inside (where everyone remains masked) and eaten outside. 
  6. Please wash (or sanitize) your hands upon arriving and entering the house. Handwashing is also encouraged after you eat and after you use your phone and/or laptop. 
  7. Turn on the overhead fan in the dining room to increase ventilation in the house (whenever anyone might enter the house to use the restroom, wash hands, or get food).
  8. For events/studies where people anticipate meeting in the house, people are requested to rsvp. 
  9. There is a limit of 10 people in the house at the same time. Masks should be worn at all times (and thus no eating or drinking in the house). Please run the fans for a bit before leaving (and open windows, if weather permits). Because of limited ventilation, no more than two people upstairs at a time. 

If you have any concerns about whether these guidelines provide a hospitable atmosphere and/or meet the requirements of the state of Michigan or recommendations by Michigan State University, please contact us.