A Day of Men’s Fellowship and Fun in CEF

On Friday, March 15, a group of men from Campus Edge came together for a day of fellowship.  It started with service that morning at Lansing’s Veterans of America Community Kitchen.  We all got up much sooner than we normally would for a Friday morning, only to realize that our sacrifice is really a way of life for the people we were serving.  By the time we arrived at 6:30, there were already people waiting at the facility for the free meal that would help them get through the day.  An hour and a half later, with well over one hundred hungry people fed and kept warm, I think all of us had a deeper appreciation for God’s call that we love one another as Jesus loved us. 

Fast forward twelve hours and the same group of men showed up at Spare Time in East Lansing for some laser tag fun.  I couldn’t have imagined a more enjoyable way to bond with my brothers from CEF than by chasing them around in the dark wearing vests with fluorescent lights.  That alone probably motivated me to join the YMCA the following weekend!  We played two 15-minute missions, trying different sets of teams, only to learn that it really helps to be over 6 feet tall when playing laser tag. 

We finished the night off with dinner together at Olga’s in Frandor.  During that time we all enjoyed some great food, a chance to catch our breath, and time for conversation.  We all got excited learning about the fun we’ll be having this summer playing softball with CEF, shared a little about our backgrounds and faith, and connected as fellowship of believers. 

~Diego Avila

Basketball Bash

When you go to a Big 10 school, it’s imperative that you attend some basketball games.  When Kory told me there were some extra tickets for the game on January 31, I jumped at the opportunity to go with CEF.  Not only did I enjoy the game, but it was great getting to know others from CEF.

We started off the evening with a tour of the Breslin Center.  The Big 10 and NCAA Tournament trophies are legit and the rings are quite the bling.  We saw “the den”  where the coaches (yay Izzo) spend all their time deliberating and making game plans.  We also saw the film room where athletes from all sports come to plot against their opponents.

We made our way to the concession area, after running into Travis Trice, and had a pizza party amidst plastic crates and concrete walls.  I doubt that the basement of the Breslin has ever experienced such an influx of laughter and fun.  The conversations were interesting too.  I enjoyed getting to know about other’s areas of interest and study as well as debating how to make a spell-binding TV series featuring accountants. (Any ideas anyone?)

For someone who doesn’t watch college basketball until March Madness, the game was a chance for me to learn about our team and actually get to know who the team is.  After a poorly played first half, the Spartans bounced back to win 80-75 against Illinois.  Thanks enthusiatic sports fans for making the game interesting.

Overall, attending this game was a great way to spend a blustery winter evening.  Spending time with CEF and fellow Spartan fans energized me and made me excited for March.  Come March Madness, get ready for some great basketball and bracket challenges!
~ Anna Mooi