Are you looking for a supportive community and are interested in exploring questions of faith and spirituality with others? Campus Edge Fellowship is a Christian organization that provides an intellectually challenging context to ask difficult questions and receive encouragement from others who understand the challenges of being a graduate student,  professional student or a faculty member at MSU.

What does Campus Edge do?  

Camp Edge hosts Bible studies, Pub Theology discussion groups, community-wide events, retreats, and social gatherings. Here’s the basics:

Bible Studies – In the spirit of intellectual inquiry, we seek to address deep questions about spirituality and theology in discussion-based contexts and value hearing from a wide variety of perspectives while wrestling with what the Bible’s teachings mean for us today. This fall we are hosting a weekly hybrid (live and on Zoom) Bible study on Monday evenings from 7-8:30 p.m.

Pub Theology – Pub Theology is a space to dive deeply into topics involving faith, meaning, identity, politics and more. The Pub Theology discussion group meets Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. at the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing. Everyone is welcome to come and share their questions, thoughts, and experiences, from any religious or political standpoint. 

Other Upcoming Events –  This year we’ll be hosting live outdoor social events, books clubs, discussions on major issues facing us as a nation and how to engage with them faithfully. We hope you’ll join us – everyone is welcome for those events (spouses and significant others included)!

For a list of upcoming events, study and discussion topics, and more information on ways you can connect with Campus Edge sign up for our weekly email, like us on Facebook, and/or contact Pastor Dara at 

Lenten practice opportunities: 

Lent is six weeks we set aside for reflection and for preparing ourselves spiritually for celebrating Christ’s resurrection on Easter. It usually involves an act of “giving some up” to help us remember Christ’s sacrifice and our dependence on God for our lives and salvation. 

Often people give up chocolate or coffee, things that they “go to” for mental or emotional support other than God, or things like streaming or social media that distract us from seeking God’s presence. If you are looking for options this year for an Ash Wednesday service to attend or a lenten practice – there are some great options below: 

Campus Edge Lenten Snapshots*

Rather than giving something up, this option provides a creative way to add some spiritual reflection to your daily routine during Lent. If you follow CEF on Facebook you will see a weekly post with daily prompts to read a scripture passage. All are welcome to respond to one of these prompts with a short reflection (a “snapshot” of what you are thinking or feeling) or a picture of your own. Post on the Campus Edge Facebook page, and be sure to include the hashtag #CEFLentenSnapshots.

You can participate as much as you like – some people will do it daily, others weekly, and some may just read and look at the posts. We’ll be posting a few examples of the first prompts, so if you’re unsure how to respond be sure to check those out in the coming week. (*The series is based on a CRC activity from two years ago but we thought it would be fun to revive it).

Reflect on the Psalms this Lent

Use the Faithward daily devotion app to read psalms each day,

Lent Creation Care Challenge

Learn about creation care and engage in different activities to limit your environmental impact during Lent,