Are you looking for a supportive community and are interested in exploring questions of faith and spirituality with others? Campus Edge Fellowship is a Christian organization that provides an intellectually challenging context to ask difficult questions and receive encouragement from others who understand the challenges of being a graduate student,  professional student or a faculty member at MSU.

What does Campus Edge do?  

Camp Edge hosts Bible studies, Pub Theology discussion groups, community-wide events, retreats, and social gatherings. Here’s the basics:

Bible Studies – In the spirit of intellectual inquiry, we seek to address deep questions about spirituality and theology in discussion-based contexts and value hearing from a wide variety of perspectives while wrestling with what the Bible’s teachings mean for us today. This fall we are hosting a weekly hybrid (live and on Zoom) Bible study on Monday evenings from 7-8:30 p.m.

Pub Theology – Pub Theology is a space to dive deeply into topics involving faith, meaning, identity, politics and more. The Pub Theology discussion group meets Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. at the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing. Everyone is welcome to come and share their questions, thoughts, and experiences, from any religious or political standpoint. 

Other Upcoming Events –  This year we’ll be hosting live outdoor social events, books clubs, discussions on major issues facing us as a nation and how to engage with them faithfully. We hope you’ll join us – everyone is welcome for those events (spouses and significant others included)!

For a list of upcoming events, study and discussion topics, and more information on ways you can connect with Campus Edge sign up for our weekly email, like us on Facebook, and/or contact Pastor Dara at