Brenda Kronemeijer-Heyink

Brenda is a pastor to graduate and professional students at Michigan State through the Christian Reformed Church. She is passionate about faith, the Old Testament, higher education, and learning in general. Reading or going for a walk is her ideal way of spending Sunday afternoon. In decent weather, you’re likely to see her biking on campus: it’s a great way to get exercise, pray, think, and be environmentally friendly.  Brenda Kronemeijer

She is finishing up a PhD on the Old Testament book of Ezekiel at the Vrije Universiteit (Netherlands). She holds a BSc in Mathematics from Redeemer University College and an M.Div. & Th.M. from Calvin Theological Seminary. She has taught Old Testament at Calvin Seminary and classes on worldview at Calvin College. She grew up in Canada and has lived in Ukraine as a missionary and in Amsterdam within an intentional (new monastic) community in the Red Light District. She is an avid blogger, something she developed while living in community and reflecting on the joys and challenges of life together. She was first exposed to campus ministry through a three-year internship with InterVarsity while she was at Seminary. She is married to Matthijs, a Dutch Catholic theologian, and they have a young daughter.