Campus Pastor

Dara Nykamp is a pastor to graduate and professional students at Michigan State through the Christian Reformed Church. She is passionate about studying scripture, particularly the Old Testament, and exploring the intersection between faith, life and work and wrestling with what the Bible’s teachings mean for us today in a changing context. She is a licensed attorney and is also an ordained pastor in the Reformed Church in America. She received a JD from Wayne State University Law School and her MDiv from Western Theological Seminary. She has worked as an assistant prosecuting attorney, as small groups coordinator, as a Hebrew language teaching assistant and as a general manager of a tap room. Prior to coming to Campus Edge she served as a curriculum writer and director of student programming for Crossroads Prison Ministries.

When Dara has time off she enjoys hiking through local nature preserves, mountain biking, tracking down the world’s best cheeseburgers or hanging out with her cat Tonks and a good book – preferably on theology. She also loves helping people have important conversations about God and life, and she will never pass up an opportunity to to talk about theology over a good pint or well-poured cup of coffee.

If you’d like to connect with pastor Dara, you can set up an appointment via YouCanBookMe, just follow the link and chose a time slot from one the times available.