We host Bible studies, social events, and academic presentations, as well as providing encouragement, community, and a listening ear. Join us as we ponder how faith affects our various academic disciplines and learn better how to make space for our academic disciplines to affect our faith and the way we live our lives.


Campus Edge Fellowship is a Christian organization that exists to provide support, solidarity, and fellowship to the graduate students and professional academic community of Michigan State University. In the spirit of intellectual inquiry, we seek to address deep questions of spirituality, faith, and an understanding of God.

Campus Pastor: Brenda Kronemeijer-Heyink.

Campus Edge Board: Jeff Biddle, Marcie Durso, Allison Young, Kristen Hintz, Beth DeBoe, Steve Skinker, and Rob Tempelman.

Some members of the Campus Edge Leadership Team

For more information about the last semester, check out the December 2018 Newsletter

Mailing address: 1509 River Terrace Dr, East Lansing, MI 48823

Phone: Call 517.351.1556 or text 810.547.6210.

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