Reliving Childhood

Reflections from the Parent’s Night Out Fundraiser

As a graduate student, I don’t get to spend time with kids too often. At least, not as often as I’d like. Parents Night Out was a great way to get that “kid fix” and spend time with fellow Campus Edge members. The best part about Parents Night Out- seeing graduate students in fields of law, music, medicine and many others becoming kids again by giving kids piggy-back rides, “playing house,” and using “baby talk” around the infants. Whether you felt comfortable around kids, or were first-time babysitters, there was something for everyone to get involved in. Students who didn’t have as much babysitting experience coming in to the night, were seen ending the night holding babies until they fell asleep, or watching “Brave” alongside all the kids, equally as entertained. The night consisted of activities for children of each age range, good food, and good company. It certainly was entertaining to see how graduate students and kids combined their creativity to play bizarre games and act out TV or movie characters we haven’t even heard of. From nine-year-olds to two-month olds, there were enough laughs, smiles, screams, and cries to keep all the volunteers busy! By the end of the night- midterms, long nights at the library, and papers didn’t seem as chaotic as they did before! Students seemed to really enjoy getting to spend time with kids, as well as with each other.

~Erin Laarman

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