Campus Making Reflection – Bryan Crutcher

My time at the conference was definitely productive and healthy. Being around other campus leaders and students was not only good for networking, but for growth. It always helps to see other Christian leaders to compare notes, ideas, and experiences. Having a community of those around you who share you beliefs and are in the same types of environments allows each of us to build upon each other. This conference provided a time of fellowship and learning, but more importantly for me, it was time with God. Being away from any cities or highly populated areas, and just out in the country was very much needed. It allowed me to really try and connect with God on a deeper level, without the hustle and bustle of all the things that compete for our attention. Nature is a way that I communicate with God and find solace with Him. This conference provided the location, opportunity, and motivation to do so. One final note is that it gave me a deeper perspective of the Christian Reformed Church, given that I come from a Pentecostal background. It was interesting to engage in conversation with those not from the same background as myself. However, we all did share one thing, a love for Jesus Christ.

-Bryan Crutcher

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