The inner voice of love: A journey through anguish to freedom by Henri Nouwen (1996)

Not surprisingly, Henri Nouwen and Parker Palmer were contemporaries. Their books coordinate well with one another, and The Inner Voice of Love is a 118-page book compiled from journal entries written during one of Nouwen’s severe bouts with depression. Similar to Parker Palmer, Henri Nouwen’s writings approach life and faith with no pretense but rather raw honesty. Each chapter he wrote is brief (1 to 4 pages) and contains an imperative that he focused upon during that dark season. Some chapters I found particularly impactful were: “Enter the New Country,” “Go into the Place of Your Pain,” “Live Patiently with the Not Yet,” and “Live Your Wounds Through.” I enjoy this author for his gravity and his respect of the mysteries of life, healing, and faith; with Nouwen, there are no easy answers.

– JF, Emerging Leader 2016-17

n.b. Campus Edge does not yet own this book.

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