How Dante can save your life by Rod Dreher (2015)

A friend recommended this book to me, and I am so grateful! Somehow, I have (nearly) made it through a graduate degree without reading Dante, but this book served as an accessible entry into one man’s life-giving interpretation of Dante’s poetry. In How Dante can save your life, Dreher (blogger at the American Conservative) narrates a number of transitions – his sister’s death to cancer and his nuclear family’s subsequent move back to his hometown in small-town LA (yes, Louisiana) from DC – that eventually led to his development of a chronic, stress-related illness. In attempts to finding healing on multiple levels, Dreher describes his journey through conversion to Orthodox Christianity from Catholicism, his conversations with a therapist, and his nearing-obsessive readings of Dante’s inferno. Dreher masterfully explains the journey that Dante travels in this historic writing and offers tangible lessons for his readers to consider and take action (i.e., lust, envy, pride, love).

– JF, Emerging Leader 2016-17

n.b. Campus Edge does not own this book.

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