Jane Eyre’s Sisters: How women live and write the heroine’s story by Jody Gentian Bower (2015)

Jane Eyre’s Sisters is not only for those who enjoyed watching Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice films; rather, it is an invitation to consider how women lead heroic lives of bravery, creativity, and rebirth. The author uses multiple classic works, such as Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice, to draw an archetypal journey that some women embark on throughout their lives. Some of the chapter titles reveal the various phases the “wandering heroine” may experience: the descent, problematic parents and other relationships at home, the wrong husband (i.e., marrying a fantasy or marrying unconsciously), leaving, into the wild, the time of learning, on her own terms, a new life, and transforming the world. The author extrapolated much from the lives of literary characters in order to build her argument of the grander archetype of the wandering (and eventually, found/at home) women. At times, the examples from various classics were excessive for me. Nevertheless, the thrust of the book is compelling, and I found it to be helpful in framing my own journey into selfhood.

– JF, Emerging Leader 2016-17

n.b. Campus Edge does not own this book.

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