All of the Ideas Living in my Head by Don Everts (2009)

If you are in search of an entertaining, enlightening, and quick yet potent read, then consider picking up All of the Ideas Living in my Head, or any of the books from this series by Don Everts on a similar, yet distinct, character living in your head. I read these books nearly two years ago, and I continue to use the language of this book series to discuss my own internal conflict and invite others into disarming dialogue about the residents living (or visiting) in their head. The basic premise of the book is that each one of us has different ideas (represented as people) living in our heads. Some of these ideas are more permanent residents than others who are just visiting. A few examples of the ideas that the author introduces in the book are the Old Man with the big black book, the Fingerless Lady (who represents tolerance), and the Dirty Beggar (who represents evil and suffering). Nevertheless, these ideas run the show, dictate behaviors, and reinforce the beliefs one may possess. Things get interesting in the book when a conference is called in the living room, and the ideas interact with one another (normal people call this thinking). The author writes with clarity, wit, and honesty, and my friends and I have begun to describe our own ideas living in our heads – racecar drivers, dirty hippies, the hermit. Enjoy!

– JF, Emerging Leader 2016-17

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