Pastor’s Spring Report

The studies this past semester focused on understanding God and the Bible better. The first half of the semester looked at Ezekiel, and the second half focused on difficult topics in Christianity and the Bible. In pub theology we talked about everything under the sun: aliens, parenting, mental health, the American dream, human nature, technology, etc.

We continue to have about 25 people participating in Campus Edge. We’ve had a number of new people, including through pub theology which brings in people less likely to come to studies. Being a small ministry where we yearly say good-bye to people graduating, numbers can be a point of stress; we are thus always thankful when people continue attending Campus Edge. At the same time, I trust that God is using all our interactions, even if they are brief, to allow Campus Edge to reach people who are struggling. I am also thankful that a faculty and staff prayer group has begun again and that both Jeff Biddle and I have been able to attend. I pray that this will be a blessing to the wider campus, especially in light of the difficulties at MSU this past year.

Thank-you for your prayers and support of the efforts of Campus Edge.

– Brenda Kronemeijer-Heyink, Pastor of Campus Edge Fellowship

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