Watching, waiting, and praying

Much has changed within Campus Edge since we last posted. The most significant is that Kory has left to serve a church in Iowa. I have been invited to take his place. I’ve been delighted to accept the invitation, but we are still waiting for all the paperwork to come through so that can truly happen.

In the midst of waiting, I will be watching and praying. I’ll be walking alongside the student leaders, learning more about who they are and the ministry that everyone has been participating in. Alongside of that, I’ll be praying: praying for the campus, praying for those giving of themselves to others and this ministry, and praying about my own role in this ministry.

Although I’m not always so fond of waiting, I like that I get to have time watching and praying before I start. It means I don’t have to arrive with brilliant ideas or programs, but instead can simply be present and allow people to continue what they’ve been doing well. I’ll be watching, wondering, asking questions, and praying.

Hopefully I’ll post some of what I see here. You’re welcome to join us in wondering how, in the context of MSU academia, we can best glorify God and enjoy Him and his gifts.

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