Last week at our soccer game, one of the Campus Edge folks was carried off the field. Her knee is seriously dinged up, and she’s out of commission for a while: hobbling, but definitely no soccer.

This is not the first knee this semester. On top of that, there has been a car accident, surgeries, wisdom teeth being removed, the death of a grandfather and crazy amounts of paperwork for my work visa. That’s a lot, especially if you realize that this is on top of Lansing’s crazy winter weather this year (school is cancelled almost once a week), along with the mental stress of grad school and its often crazy schedule and deadlines.

I’m not one to talk a lot about spiritual warfare. It is not that I don’t believe it exists; it is more that I find it hard to recognize. At the same time, it seems disconcerting that, since I got here, so many of the Campus Edge folk have faced significant extra challenges. It makes me thankful that I am here now, that God made me so impatient to see the ministry here that I couldn’t wait for things to be more ready. More so, though, it reminds me of how much I/we need to pray. So much is happening behind the scenes and in people’s lives (both within Campus Edge and around us) that we do not know about; so much can go wrong. How can we not pray?

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