Helping those struggling with faith

One of the lessons I have learned this past year has been how many people struggle with faith in academia. As a Christian and a pastor, I want to help those struggling. Yet, helping can go wrong in so many ways (who, after all, has not tried to fix another person’s problems? or has not experienced another person’s desire to fix him/her?).

When it comes to those struggling with faith – faith shifting, unravelling, severing, or whatever you’d like to call it – Kathy Escobar has some wise words of what to do that is actually helpful. First and foremost, we need to “listen without judging, fixing, scripturizing or advice-giving.”

As listening without judging, fixing, scripturizing or advice-giving is easier said than done, we’re spending some time talking about this in our studies – both this past Monday and the next Monday focuses on this. I also encourage you to go over to Escobar’s blog to read the list of helpful things to do and not do: