Pastor’s Report

This is the Pastor’s Report from the Campus Edge Spring Newsletter.

Spring Semester has brought with it joys and challenges. Alongside of our regular Monday and Saturday studies, we’ve continued the Pub Theology group, added a weekly discussion on sexuality, and offered two retreats. The first retreat focused on Ignatian spirituality, and the second was time away at an Episcopalian monastery. In our studies, we pondered how differently society and church approach sexuality and spent time digging deeper into the Bible: the book of Ecclesiastes on Mondays and the prophets Elijah and Elisha on Saturdays. To read more about these, please see the reflections in the Campus Edge Spring Newsletter that have been adapted from the Campus Edge Blog .
We’re delighted to say that we once again have twenty-five people participating regularly and at least that many who are peripherally connected to the ministry. The past semester was a bit quieter in terms of attendance, as CEF competed with the time pressures that come with starting clinical rotations, completing comprehensive exams, and finishing up dissertations, alongside of the breaks of spring break and Easter. Yet, all this hard work is paying off, and CEF can rejoice that multiple people connected to the ministry have (almost) completed their dissertations.
Your prayers are requested for those who’ve finished up their studies – that things will go well as they find and take up new jobs and responsibilities. Pray also for those who are having other life events – like weddings or babies. By the time we send out this newsletter, baby Kronemeijer should have arrived, and I’ll have started my maternity leave. I will miss the meaningful conversations I have with students, but I am also thankful for the time the board is giving me to adjust to taking on the new identity of mother. I’ll be back in August, and until then Jessica Fox, one of CEF’s emerging leaders and a newly minted MSU PhD has graciously agreed to take over many of my responsibilities for the summer.

– Brenda Kronemeijer-Heyink
Pastor, Campus Edge Fellowship

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