Evolution and Flourishing

A recent tweet by Tim Keller illustrates how a lot of people see evolution as being about the strong overcoming the weak. Keller asks:

Andy Walsh, however, argues that this is a misunderstanding of evolution. Instead, as Walsh puts it:

Evolutionary biology is not a last-organism-standing proposition. Look at the vast diversity among living species. There’s not a single, most fit species on its way to domination at the expense of all others. A wide assortment of resources means there are numerous niches that can be occupied fruitfully. Thus I don’t see where evolutionary biology necessarily mandates cutthroat behavior; to the contrary, it strikes me as a call to maximize flourishing.

Most of the scientists I know who understand evolution as being the means by which God formed the world see science (and evolution) as helping them to be more in awe of God and how God works. Thinking about evolution as leading to a maximization of flourishing seems to me one of the ways in which we can be filled with wonder about how creation and God work.


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