Lenten Reflections Week 3: Plants and Trees

Scripture: Genesis 1:9-13

Reflection: On the third day of creation God created land, seas and vegetation. I remember sort of skipping past this day when I was a kid when I read the story of creation. The stars and animals in the following days that caught much more of my imagination and attention. But now being older and wiser, I realize the incredible value, complexity and beauty that can be found in plants and trees around us. It was no mistake that God made plants and trees before the animals and humans that would need them for sustenance and shelter. We literally could not survive without them. Plants and trees feed us, they pull carbon-dioxide from the air, they give us oxygen, hold soil in place, they push nutrients into the ground, they provide shade and protection, we use them for clothing, bedding, furniture and for enjoyment.

God designed us to need them and also instructed us to cultivate them and care for them. But somewhere along the line in our modernized world we have lost connection with them. We think in terms of products and profits, and can lose sight of God’s provision for us through them.

Suggested action: This week, try to avoid all food waste. Instead plan your meals for the coming week and purchase only the food that you need for those meals. Use a shopping list so that you don’t buy food you already have. Store food properly. Use wilted vegetables and fruit for soups or smoothies, or freeze them before they go bad. Use leftover bread for breadcrumbs. For other suggestions on simple ways to cut back, check out 20 Ways to Reduce Food Waste: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/reduce-food-waste

Suggested resources: Two films, “Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman” (Amazon Prime) and “Kiss the Ground” (email CEF for a link to view it for free or visit https://kissthegroundmovie.com/) and “The Green Bible” NRSV (Zondervan).

Action suggestions are from: “A Fast for the Earth: Lent 2021 a resource created by The Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care Diocese of Toronto”

All film suggestions are from the PBS Independent Lens blog “Earthy Day Watch list: 17 Films About Sustainability and Climate Change” (with the exception of “Chasing Ice” and “Black Fish”  which are from other sources). All the listed movies offered as suggestions by CEF as starting points for discussion around sustainability and stewardship.  https://www.pbs.org/independentlens/blog/earth-day-watch-list-17-new-films-about-sustainability-climate-change/

Image: Georgia O’Keefe, “Autumn Leaves”

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