Campus Edge and River Terrace Church partner for a book study and luncheon


Campus Edge Fellowship and River Terrace Church hosted luncheons in October and March for faculty and staff at Michigan State. It was an opportunity for different people working at MSU to connect and thus better be able to support and encourage each other. As River Terrace is located so close to MSU, we have the opportunity to talk about the university’s unique challenges and opportunities related to faith. In October, we looked at Jamie Smith’s book, How (not) to be Secular, where Smith unpacks Charles Taylor’s understanding of our society today as secular (i.e., a society in which it’s no longer normative to believe in God).book2 The conversation in March focused on Jonathan Hill’s book, Emerging Adulthood and Faith. Please let us know if you are interested in joining any of these conversations in the future.

Photos courtesy of Blythe, from River Terrace Church.