Being present on campus

My being (more) present on campus is part of Campus Edge’s strategic goals, as this seems an obvious way for me to connect with more people on campus (both students and faculty and staff). However, having a small child has made it more complicated, as it’s harder for me to be on campus evenings and/or weekends.

At the same time, having a child has also opened up different opportunities for me to be on campus: one of the more esoteric ways has been through taking a breastfeeding class that the university offered to staff, faculty and students (and spouses of students).

Last month, Michigan State University was honored to receive a Michigan Breastfeeding friendly workplace award. As both the little and I had benefited from MSU’s hospitality in this area, we showed up at the award ceremony and managed to get our picture with Sparty in the MSU Today news briefing.

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